About us

The public association "National Environmental Center" is a civil society organization that has been operating for 10 years in the field of environmental protection. The association was founded on March 18, 2010 by the free will of founders, with the idea of ​​combining the efforts of all stakeholders to address issues affecting the environment and those related to climate change.
The National Environmental Center aims to raise public awareness about environmental protection and climate change, awareness and mobilization of citizens and through a joint effort of all actors in society to transform the classical paradigm of development into the model of sustainable development, where decisions are made in a balanced way between the three pillars: environmental, social and economic.
The planet has limits, as do the resources it offers. They must be protected, used rationally, not exhausted now and immediately. We must consume what we need and not lose precious resources. We must work with nature, not against it. Positive change will only occur if each person is aware of this situation and acts individually to become part of the change. And the changes come through our own examples. Therefore, the aspiration of the National Environmental Center is to learn best practices in the field of environment, to apply them at the level of the organization, at the level of the organization's employees and to reproduce them at the level of communities.
We believe that it is the responsibility of each of us to protect nature and to keep in harmony the world in which we live, no matter what "world" we mean: the neighborhood, the sector, the city, the community in which we operate, learn or live. A responsible person recycles waste, throws waste in specially arranged places, procures and rationally consumes products, goods and natural resources, plants trees, prevents pollution of water, soil and air, does not give or take bribes for environmental permits, she/he says in openly for environmental illegalities and taking measures to combat environmental infringements.
Pollution and degradation of the environment, water, soil, air, forests affect each of us, directly or indirectly. We admit it or not, but we all bear the consequences. Therefore, it is significantly important to involve each of us in environmental actions.
We believe that man has the ability to realize that she/he is a component of the environment and will act for a harmonious coexistence with all living things in nature.
We believe that we can have all this, only by acting as a team. The team consists of partnerships between NGOs, the media, educational institutions, local and municipal public authorities, central public authorities and development partners. A great team, made up of people, with different occupations, but with a common aspiration - a clean environment.