Promotion of the adaptation measures to climate change with a focus on the Răut river basin

Period of implementation


Source of financing

   GEF SGP Moldova


   100 000 USD


   Association of Journalists for Environment and Eco Tourism from RM (AJMTEM)

   Rediul Mare Mayoralty


   improving the capacities of people in rural areas regarding climate resilience by planning, applying and testing adaptation measures, based on natural ecosystems, and thus reducing the economic losses of people.

Main activities

   A.  Increasing the awareness of some key players regarding climate change and reducing surface water pollution through training and practical activities:

   A1. Information sessions and training of teachers in the country about climate change, through the implementation of the educational support "Climate box", developed by UNDP.

   A2. Training sessions for journalists from the Republic of Moldova dedicated to climate change and challenges in the Republic of Moldova and around the world.

   A3. Involvement of the population in protection measures and information campaigns regarding the value of the area

   B.   Application of adaptation measures to climate change and improvement of the hydrological regime of surface waters at the level of hydrographic sub-basins through rehabilitation activities of the protection strips and springs:

   B1. The study of the area and the mapping of springs in the Rediul Mare region

   B2. Ensure measures to minimize the degradation of water resources and aquatic biological diversity by cleaning the area of unauthorized landfills

   B3. Study on the volume of water in the basin of the Răut river.

   C.   Promoting the principles of innovative agroecology in the context of climate change:

   C1. Rehabilitation of the mapped area, by replanting with native trees and shrubs to revitalize the habitat and save rare species of plants and birds,

   C2. Restoration of the riparian strip for the protection of the waters of the Răut river on the Rediul Mare-Bălți portion.

Expected results

  1. trained teachers in the country on the climate change adaptation measures;
  2. trained journalists on the subject of climate changes,
  3. LPAs representatives trained;
  4. inventory of springs in the area of the Râut river spring done;
  5. the degraded area of the upper river region of the Răut river restored;
  6. the protection strips of the Răut river on the Rediul Mare-Balti segment replanted.