NANOPURIMON „Advanced nanotechnology-based approaches to waste water purification form organic pollutants and their monitoring in water bodies”

Implementation period       


Project financed by

  European Union through European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) - Cross-border cooperation (CBC) - in the frame of the Joint Operational Programme Romania – Republic of Moldova 2014-2020


  205,555.00 EURO, of which the contribution of European Union (90%) is 184,999.50 EURO


Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies „D. Ghitu”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova;

„Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Galati, Romania;

Public Association National Environmental Centre, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Overall objective

Project is aiming at improvement of the quality of surface waters in the Lower Danube region, through improved monitoring of the quality of surface waters and development of new methods of treating municipal and industrial waste waters.

This is in line with priority 2. objective and implies to: Support to education, research, technological development, and innovation


GA.1. Management

GA.2. Information and communication

Development of the communication plan and dissemination the scientific results achieved within the project

GA.3.Research activities

Joint development of technologies for contaminated water remediation and optimization of investigation methods used in environmental monitoring within the Prut basin, expert training and sharing information of public interest


  1. Improved pre-conditions for sustained cooperation in the field of research and innovation contributing to economic development of the region
  2. Pollution maps issued on hot spots
  3. New developed and patented method to eliminate phenols
  4. Collaboration strengthened between research institutions
  5. Target groups informed about the project results