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I Cleaned! It's your turn!

In the famous movie "Home", the photographer, director and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand compared the planet's network of rivers to the human bloodstream. A very, very authentic comparison, simply because, like the blood system, the rivers are the source of life for all the beings around it, including humans. Water, in its pure form, has the role of bringing life and at the same time washing all the toxins and miseries that come in its way. And water would greatly fulfill its role, if we too would take care of it, and not pollute it.

The problem of river pollution is a major global problem and is a challenge for every country. We can not immediately change the state of the already polluted environment with the dissolved toxic substances, but we can contribute to reducing waste pollution either by storing them in special places or by collecting the waste from the most irresponsible ones and gradually educating them in favor of water protection.

A dirty river means a river without water suitable for consumption. People's health depends on the water they consume!

The National Environmental Center, taking over the initiative launched by EUWI + (EU Water Initiative), organizes, in partnership with the Ungheni District Council and Falesti Ecological Inspection, the Delia and Şovăţ Rivers Sanitation Campaign, which will take place on September 15, 2018, on the day that we mark the World Cleanup Day, and urges all people of Moldova to put a minimum of effort and gather as little garbage from the banks of the streams and rivers around them! 

The Delia River is a left tributary of the Prut River, located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, where 50,500 people live in 7 settlements in the Ungheni district. At national level, it is the fourth hydrographic basin that exerts advanced environmental pressure on water resources, both in terms of potential sources of pollution and water use.

The River Şovâţ is also a left tributary of the Prut River, located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, in the catchment area of which are located 17 localities from the districts of Glodeni and Falesti, where 48,300 people live. From the point of view of the ecological pressure and the use of water resources, the river basin of Şovăţ River is the second ranked nationwide.

The sanitation campaign is a profound social exercise because the participants, through their efforts, are aware of the importance of the environment in which they live and how we can contribute to improving water quality. Last but not least, the participation of young people in such campaigns creates the civic spirit and answers the younger generation in relation to environmental issues.

For additional information, you can contact us at 022 108 861 or email

Enthusiasm, time, desire and energy - these are the ingredients necessary for the Moldovan river sanitation event of September 15, 2018 !!!

We are what we drink. Clean water replenishes us, and polluted water makes us sick. It's your choice how to be!

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