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Dialog with young generation about waste management

In the framework of the pilot project that we are carrying out in cooperation with the Households Department of the Chisinau Mayoralty, an area of intervention was selected. New waste collection platforms will be set up in a sector of Chisinau and the collection of 3 fractions will be tested: biodegradable waste, recyclable waste, and glass. Our role is to spread the word about this initiative and to prepare the population for the changes in waste management.

The containers will be properly marked with the illustration of the waste to be collected in each of them. The population in the area will also be informed through posters about the municipality's expectations for waste management at the source and the posters will be distributed on the nearby information panels.

There are also several schools in this area. Grouped containers for the collection of recyclable waste such as glass, plastic, and paper will be installed on their territory. To explain to students about the benefits of separate waste collection and to inform them of the facilities that will be available in the area in a short time, the National Environmental Center held a lesson for about 350 students from „Onisifor Ghibu” Lyceum, to discuss with them about waste management in the capital.

We considered it imperative to ask students what they think about waste if they are aware of how many wastes they generate daily, do they know the benefits of separate waste collection and recycling and, most importantly, what they know about waste prevention. This last question gave them a headache because they did not even understand, in fact, what we were asking them for. But, by simple examples, we demonstrated that it is possible, with little creativity. We hope they will apply the principles discussed.

After the lesson, we are going to look at how careful young people are to manage their waste and how efficient will be to collect recyclables in their school.

This activity is a part of "Smart waste management in EaP countries" project, supported through the re-granting scheme of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Secretariat, funded by the European Union and National Endowment for Democracy.   

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