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Series of information seminars on the new Law on Waste successfully completed!

Any law in a state is not only a series of chapters and articles that have been written just for publication. Behind a law stands a mechanism that once implemented will guarantee a better functioning of the entire system. The field of environmental protection has a special need in the laws that regulate and guide us how to organize our daily activities both as individuals and as legal persons in order not to harm the environment.

Such a law is the Law on Waste No.209 adopted on 29 July 2016, which will come into force at the end of 2017. The legislative document proposes the creation of a "recyclable society", imposes the principle of extended producer responsibility, indicates new conditions disposal of non-recoverable waste.

The waste management in the Chisinau municipality, but also across the country, will move to a new level. Exactly about the changes that will happen, we discussed with the heads of condominiums in Chisinau during a series of 5 seminars organized in the sectors Buiucani, Ciocana, Botanica, Riscani and Centru in September. About 130 participants were informed about the articles of the law that relate to their day-to-day work, but also about how the municipality will organize the collection and recycling of waste in the next period. The interest of the participants was focused in particular on the accountability of locators to separate waste collection as well as on the possibility of setting up collection platforms around residential blocks that still collect waste inside their houses (into the waste collection tube) or have a platform with only one type of containers.

The general conclusions of the information seminars as well as other important details about the waste management in Chisinau municipality will be discussed at a roundtable in October. Until then, here are some photos of our events.



These activities are part of the Smart Waste Management project, implemented through the re-grant scheme of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Secretariat funded by the European Union and the National Endowment for Democracy.


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